Book Reviews

 To request a book for review

When requesting to review a book, please remember to include your affiliation and position/rank as well as a brief statement concerning your research interests and appropriateness as a reviewer for the book. Also be sure to include an updated mailing address, preferably an institutional mailing address.


Review process and guidance on content & style

Book reviews need to be returned within 12 weeks of receiving the book. We will ask you to confirm this in advance.

Please write your review in an MS Word document, and include your name and organisational affiliation as you wish them to appear.

Send your review to, with 'BookReview' in the subject.

We may edit reviews, but will check with you if major changes are needed.

Your review should consider:

  • An outline of what the book is intended to do (why has it been written, who is the book aimed at - students, academic, specialist or generalist audience?)

  • Are its aims and objectives clear and how well does it meet these?

  • Is it written in a clear and understandable style and is it user friendly?

  • What are the book’s main strengths?

  • Any weaknesses that should be pointed out?

  • Who, if anyone would you recommend this book to?

 Please offer your opinion in a considered way. We are interested in your views, not just a summary of the content.

Keep the style of your review open and informal, avoiding the use of overly technical language.